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Advantages of Clear Product Packaging

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Advantages of Clear Product Packaging

When it comes to designing products, a company must consider various factors, leaving no stone unturned in the process. Even factors that are seemingly inconsequential to consumers must be taken into account by the manufacturer. Product packaging is one such factor that often goes unnoticed by consumers, despite the fact that it can influence their purchasing behaviors in very significant ways. As such, product manufacturers spend ample time discovering which types of product packaging are most successful. Time and again, clear product packaging has proven to yield more successful sales. The results speak for themselves—below are just a few of the many advantages of clear product packaging.

Promotes product visualization

Product visualization is very important for consumers and is often a driving factor in a product’s final sale. Consumers like to envision how a product will impact their life. Seeing an image of the product is one thing, but actually seeing the product itself makes this visualization much more realistic. With clear product packaging, consumers can see the product’s size, shape, color, and intricate details. While some packaging may gloss over a product’s finer features, clear packaging allows the consumer to see all the little details for themselves. This provides a sense of realism to the visualization process, which increases the likelihood of purchase in the long run.

Guaranteed product safety

One of the most important advantages of clear product packaging for both consumers and manufacturers alike is the added level of security this form of packaging brings. Clear plastic packaging is extremely durable and can be trusted to protect a product during its journey from the manufacturing facility, to retail shelves, to a consumer’s home. In addition to being durable, clear plastic packaging can also be designed to incorporate additional safety measures. When used in the health and beauty industry, for instance, clear packaging is often outfitted with additional tamper-proof or tamper-evident closures. These features provide the consumer with peace of mind and ensure that their product has not been tampered with in any way.

Versatile design options

Retail shelves are flooded with an abundance of different products and catching the eye of consumers can sometimes be quite difficult. Manufacturers must design their product packaging in a way that grabs a customer’s attention immediately and holds it for the long haul. Clear product packaging is often the perfect way to do just that. Clear packaging materials offer a wider range of design options than many other packaging materials. Not only can they be shaped into various forms, including clear folding boxes and window boxes, but they can also be printed with different patterns, images, and colors. Clear plastic packaging can be customized using silkscreen, die-cutting, or embossing services. Each method offers a unique way to customize the product packaging and, because the images are printed on a transparent medium, the color and design will never appear obscured or discolored.

This Year’s Product Packaging Trends

Comments Off on This Year’s Product Packaging Trends This Year’s Product Packaging Trends The marketing industry is ever-changing and companies must constantly be aware of fluctuating consumer desires. In order to remain present in the eye of consumers, companies must regularly adapt their brand and their products to suit recent trends. This is sometimes easier said than done, as trends can often shift in the blink of an eye. However, while certain trends may come and go quite quickly, some have stood the test of time for several years and continue to impress consumers today. The following list of this year’s product packaging trends are some of the most popular on the market.

Recycled materials

Due to the increased importance of environmental consciousness in recent years, many companies have since shifted toward using more sustainable materials in their product packaging. This trend emerges in a variety of different fashions, from biodegradable packaging to materials made entirely from recycled goods. The technology used to create sustainable packaging is now so advanced that, in terms of appearance, items made from recycled goods are virtually identical to those that aren’t. Products are able to maintain their same great look without creating undo harm to the environment. In addition to utilizing materials made from recycled goods, many companies are now also ensuring that their product packaging can be recycled itself. For instance, there has been a recent shift toward PET plastic packaging because it is 100 percent recyclable, indicated by the resin identification code on the packaging itself. This small fact may seem insignificant to some, but as more and more consumers become aware of the effects their shopping habits can have on the environment at large, this trend will only continue to grow in importance.


Trust is a major factor in many consumers’ purchasing decisions. The consumer must feel that they can put their faith in the products and the company as a whole. As such, transparent product packaging has become increasingly popular. The influence of transparent product packaging is often quite subtle and works on a mainly subconscious level. The ability of consumers to view a product in its entirety prior to buying helps instill a bit more faith in the product itself. Transparent product packaging leaves little to the imagination and consumers are less likely to feel tricked by the company. Utilizing clear box packaging enables the company and the consumer to form a stronger bond with each other, one that’s built on trust and transparency. When a consumer feels they can trust a brand, they are more likely to put their faith in their products and become loyal customers.

Playful designs

Companies are always on the lookout for something new and exciting that will set them apart from the competition, and oftentimes color is the perfect addition. Color and whimsy have always been popular product packaging trends but have become even more so in recent years, thanks in part to advancements in graphic design technologies. New technologies allow companies to design their product packaging with stunning designs and vibrant colors, all without ever sacrificing efficiency and integrity. Methods such as embossing, die cutting, and silk-screen printing offer far more variation in design and can be completed much quicker than outdated technologies such as typeset printing.