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Ways to Introduce New Products

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Ways to Introduce New Products
Preparing to debut a new product can be a lengthy and rather involved process. Many different elements need to work in tandem to make sure the launch goes off without a hitch. There is also a significant amount of research that must be conducted before a product will be ready to hit the retail shelves. It’s because of this comprehensive preparation process that many products either never come to fruition or simply fall flat after hitting the market. This doesn’t have to be the case, however. With a proper understanding of how to introduce new products the right way, plus a little hard work and determination, your company’s next product launch can be highly successful.

Conduct market research

A significant amount of preliminary research must be conducted to ensure your new product will be well received. Mastering the basics of market research, therefore, is instrumental in understanding the best ways to introduce new products successfully. Start by researching the wants and needs of your current customer base. This knowledge will provide insight into what consumers would like to see from your company next, and you will be able to more closely tailor your upcoming products to match their desires. Be sure to continue conducting research as you move through various stages in product development. Host a focus group or give a survey to assess customer reactions to various aspects of the new product, including the color, packaging, and overall design of the item. Adapt designs as needed to ensure customers are provided with an end product that they will truly love.

Select a solid marketing strategy

In the weeks leading up to your new product launch, it’s important to build as big a buzz as possible. Even if all the preliminary research steps have been completed perfectly, without a solid marketing campaign, your product launch will likely fall flat. Be sure to select a marketing strategy that appeals to your company’s specific target audience. Bear in mind that certain strategies may be more beneficial to consumers in certain age, gender, or cultural demographics. Younger consumers, for instance, spend a large portion of their time engaging with one another on a digital platform. Digital and social media marketing, therefore, is a highly effective way to reach this specific demographic.

Prepare to make a statement

Your product launch should go off with a bang and should get people talking the instant it hits the shelves. One of the simplest ways to do this is through a product design that makes a statement. Try to design your product in a way that easily sets it apart from the competition. Incorporating elements that are a bit bolder and higher quality, such as embossed or die-cut clear product packaging, will give you an edge over your competition. The incorporation of such elements will also improve your product’s shelf appeal, and customers will be more likely to gravitate toward your items. Indeed, clear product packaging can prove instrumental when debuting a new item, as it satisfies curiosity. Because customers will have no prior knowledge of the product, they will likely be very interested to see how it looks and operates. Using clear product packaging will give them an unobstructed view of the new item, helping to pique their interest and making them much more likely to make a purchase.

Make the biggest statement possible with your next product launch. Contact our team at Printex Transparent Packaging to start designing your next best-selling product today.

PVC vs. PET Plastic Packaging

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pvc vs pet packaging

PVC vs. PET Plastic Packaging

Plastic product packaging is used to manufacture goods in various industries around the world. Depending on the industry and the type of product in question, certain types of plastic packaging may be more effective than others in a given scenario. PVC and PET are two types of plastic packaging that are used frequently in manufacturing. While these types of clear plastic packaging may appear almost identical to the untrained eye, some key differences set them apart from one another. Each type of packaging comes with its own unique advantages and applications in a variety of different industries. This brief guide provides a more in-depth look at PVC vs. PET plastic packaging and the unique characteristics of each.


PVC plastic is most well known for its durability. Indeed, it’s for this reason that other types of PVC plastic are used to create pipes and siding. This durability is equally as valued when it comes to product packaging. PVC plastic packaging is designed to withstand strong impacts and temperatures. Manufacturers can rest easy knowing that products that are packaged in PVC plastic will always be protected and will reach their destination unharmed. For this reason, PVC plastic is a favorite when packaging food and pharmaceutical items. Due to this extreme durability, however, PVC plastic can be quite rigid, making it less malleable than PET plastic. PVC plastic packaging is also less transparent than PET plastic. PVC plastic packaging is still highly transparent, but it is not quite as glass-like as PET.


Polyethylene terephthalate, also known as PET, is a popular type of plastic used to package a variety of different products. When assessing PVC vs. PET plastic packaging, one of the most notable differences is versatility. PET plastic possesses the same standards of durability and strength as PVC plastic packaging without much of the added rigidity. This type of clear plastic packaging is also more resistant to UV rays and is therefore able to withstand extreme conditions for a far longer period of time. PET plastic packaging is also a very sustainable product. PET plastic can be recycled into a variety of different items. Because PET is so easily recyclable it is a very popular option among companies wishing to adopt more environmentally friendly practices.

Both PVC and PET plastic can be used to create a variety of different clear plastic packaging options. Contact our team at Printex Transparent Packaging to discuss which option will be best for your specific needs.