Clear Plastic Folding Boxes

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A Clemson University study found that clear plastic folding cartons and boxes garnered 678% more attention than products in a paper box. Product visibility and secure package format make cartons and boxes both practical and attractive, especially combined with decorative designs which significantly increase shelf appeal.

Printex Transparent Packaging has decades of experience in manufacturing and designing plastic folding boxes. We give you a full spectrum of options, including gable top, sleeves and ever-popular handle boxes. We also offer a variety of enclosures: auto-bottom, straight tuck and 1,2,3 closures. We can work with any requirement your product demands.


PET Packaging

Clear PET folding cartons are our specialty. We only produce plastic folding cartons or clear plastic windows for paper folding carton applications. Our focus is on plastic, not paper, and that is why we are the best in the industry when it comes to clear folding boxes, lids, gravity feeders and clear plastic windows.

Our equipment is specially designed and fitted to provide clear boxes with soft easy to fold creases, clear clean glue lines, and bright vibrant colors and foils on your clear folding box package. Our packaging designers in NY, Montreal, and Toronto will help you create an outstanding visual package to beautifully showcase your product and have it jump out from all the other clutter on the retail shelf. Studies have shown that clear packaging gets 678% more attention on store shelves when compared to paper folding cartons.

PVC Boxes

PRINTEX TRANSPARENT PACKAGING has been manufacturing clear box packaging using PVC for over 30 years.

Our clear pvc boxes have soft easy to fold creasing for automated assembly and nice square corners. Starting with clear pvc sheets we can then decorate the carton with offset printing, silk screen printing, foil stamping and debossing. PVC boxes are used in a wide range of industries including cosmetic, health and beauty, wines and spirits and many other industries seeking eye catching clear packaging.

Our packaging designers will work with your team to create just the right clear package for your application that will stand out on the shelf and get your product noticed.

Made in the USA and Canada, we ship across North America as well as into Europe.

Polypropylene & Polyethylene Boxes

Polypropylene and Polyethylene are durable packaging materials. These materials are very suitable for reusable packaging, envelopes, portfolios and kits. These materials are also available in solid colors and transparent tints. 

Clear Acetate Boxes

Our clear box packaging is sometimes referred to as acetate boxes. The term acetate box is actually a misnomer as acetate is not typically used for making clear boxes. Usually, the clear folding carton will be manufactured from PET, the same material as a beverage bottle, or it could be manufactured from PVC. The clear folding cartons can be made using RF (Radio Frequency) scoring for soft easy to fold creases. Our clear plastic folding cartons (acetate boxes) are custom made to our client’s specifications and requirements.

Our packaging designers, located in New York, Montreal, and Toronto will work with you to determine the correct gage of PET or PVC for your clear box application. With your guidance, they will also find the best type of closure and shape for your acetate folding box. It doesn’t have to be just a reverse tuck rectangle, you may want a semi-rigid gable top bag or a star-shaped clear package decorated with foil stamping and ribbon, the possibilities are endless! Call us today and put us to the challenge. We’ll design your plastic folding carton, send you CAD samples for your approval or sales presentation, and then manufacture them right here in New York or Montreal, or we can produce them in Shenzhen, China if your product is being packed in Asia.

Clear Plastic Folding Boxes Examples

Clear Acetate Printed boxes

Clear Acetate Printed boxes

Clear Acetate Printed boxes

Clear Acetate Printed boxes

Clear Acetate Printed boxes

Clear Acetate Printed boxes

Clear Acetate Printed boxes

Clear Acetate Printed boxes

More than the basic packaging production, PRINTEX TRANSPARENT PACKAGING also provides a complete range of design services. We can complete your clear plastic carton or boxes with offset print, silk screen images, embossing, foil stamping and, yes, even a fragrant aroma that will truly differentiate your packaging from the competition.

Different products require different materials. Printex Transparent Packaging is able to work with a variety of common materials including HDPE, PET, TerraPET™ and anything else that results in an effective and efficient medium for your product. But our services to you go beyond materials. We can take an idea and bring it to reality.

We are well-versed in the need for maintaining brand integrity when we manufacture your clear plastic folding boxes. To this end, we will work with your design and marketing team to insure consistency. For some clients and products, we need to work from a blank slate to create a design that best showcases the product in the marketplace. Whatever your needs are–whether you are a large and established multinational product or a new light in the field–our design team will do whatever is necessary to give you an advantage on shelves and at the cash register.

Please explore our portfolios to see what we have done for previous clients. Then email or talk to us. We want to discuss what we can do for you with clear plastic folding cartons and boxes.

  • Printed Plastic Box for Food Industry

    Unique food packaging for the seafood industry. A completely new way to package and sell oysters that makes this brand stand out above others and outsell the competition. Food Grade clear PET packaging with outside printing in both opaque and transparent 4 colour process printing. High end visual packaging that sells!

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    PET clear Packaging
  • Clear Folding Boxes and Cartons

    Printex Transparent Packaging manufacturers custom clear packaging to make any product dramatically stand out on the shelf. Custom designed packaging in unlimited box styles and semi rigid bag configurations! We create all types of clear plastic cartons and boxes for a variety of industries. Offering a full range of decoration options for your package design including offset print, silk screen print, embossing, hot stamping, foil stamping and even a custom fragrance to your packaging! As a full-service shop, we can design your plastic package from start to finish.

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    Perfume Bottle Packaging
  • Window Boxes

    A duo-carton utilizing foil laminated SBS paperboard attached to clear PET plastic. This vibrant package attracts the eye with its foil accents on the SBS as well as on the clear window area. This window box has opaque as well as translucent print. The PET Plastic part of the box is made from post consumer recycled material. Recycled water bottles given a new useful life instead of going to land fill.

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    PET clear packaging
  • Clear Tube Packaging

    Don’t hide what’s inside! Clear Plastic tubes and cylinders give products high visibility. Opaque and translucent print showcase eye-catching graphics and brand information while Clear PET brings the product closer to the consumer. These clear tubes ship flat for efficient transport and storage until filled with product.

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    PET Clear Packaging Feature Section
  • Clear boxes for Automated Assembly

    PET carton erecting made simple with clear printed boxes made for automated assembly. Talk to us about your RF scoring requirements for automated packaging. PRINTEX TRANSPARENT PACKAGING has been using RF technology for over 30 years and is constantly updating both our understanding of the process and the machinery that makes the best use of its capabilities.

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    PET Clear Packaging Feature
  • Clip Strips and Gravity Feeders

    Semi-permanent Point-of-purchase (POP) displays give manufacturers a distinct advantage in the market. PRINTEX TRANSPARENT PACKAGING uses semi rigid plastics to create sturdy and attention-commanding displays that truly present your product in the best light. Ask us about, gravity feeds, DVD displays, brochure pockets, clip strips, shelf flags, neckhangers and on-pack bonus packaging.

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    PET Clear Packaging Feature