Custom Transparent Health and Beauty Product Packaging Design

We manufacture innovative, custom transparent health and beauty product packaging to market and merchandise everything from makeup, skincare, and hair care items to toothpaste, vitamins, and pain relief items. Our top-quality plastic packaging boxes for beauty products and health care items are customized to display, entice, and appeal to your businesses’ specific retail audience. Check out some Printex Transparent Packaging’s creative package designs below!

Call Printex Transparent Packaging today at (800) 461-8106 to learn about the creative clear plastic beauty and health product packaging design services available for your business! We manufacture custom product packages for our client’s industry-specific marketing and consumer retailing goals—request a quote online!

Clear Printed PET Packaging

Clear Printed PET packaging for popular makeup brands

Clear PET folding packaging lets your product shine through. Full colour cmyk print with both translucent and opaque effect.

5th panel hanger with cmyk

5th panel hanger with cmyk full colour printed PET

Brilliant cosmetic packaging design with vibrant graphics featuring realistic skin tones and metallic effects featuring your makeup in a clear PET front panel.

Clear PET folding carton with foil

Clear PET folding carton with foil and printed graphics

Feature your brand through clear PVC like packaging and still have the benefit of opaque, translucent and metallic graphics with recyclable PET and foil stamping.


Durable PET Packaging with Full colour printing and foil stamped details

Clear folding PET package design can have opaque gradients, fine detailed print and rich foil details for upscale beauty products and other fine packaging.


Clear folding PET Packaging with Foil

Clear folding PET with open top and auto bottom with a foil board, silk screened lid. The package is shipped flat and the clear base, printed insert and lids are assembled in the store.


Clear folding PET with SBS Insert

A clear plastic container made from recyclable clear PET. Printed cardboard inserts brand product.


Clear PET folding box for beauty travel kit

A clear plastic like PET folding box can be folded to hold different sized product in place. Print graphics where needed on the clear box.


Frosted Polypropylene display bag

This is an elegant package for presenting a high-value product. The high-end rope handle and classy printing makes the package perfect for a boutique or spa product.


PET multi-pack safety sleeve packaging

Printed PET sleeve provides tamper-evident packaging, The sleeve and vacuum-formed tray lock together. No glue or taping is needed.


PET tamper-evident locking sleeve

Insta-pack locking sleeve works with vacuum formed clam shell tray. The printed plastic sleeve locks to tray with tab system for quick and efficient assembly. No RF sealing, gluing or tape required to create tamper-evident seal.


Clear plastic folding carton for personal care products

Glossy black printing on Tweezerman’s plastic cartons creates a masculine look for their men’s line. The clear carton is able to accommodate many SKUS with the advent of customize vacuum formed trays.


Mini hybrid package for cosmetics

This combination makeup packaging design (APET and SBS) provides the benefits of both substrates. The entire front panel is created from clear plastic allowing for excellent product visibility. In addition, the look and feel of the paperboard is attractive to the consumer.

Hybrid PET box

Hybrid PET box for beauty with glitter print

Transparent PET shows through like clear acetate. Pair this with a glitter printed SBS base and you have a winning cosmetic carton package design.

Clear box insert

Clear Plastic box with transparent insert

Printed outer sleeve with clear PET insert sleeve has been designed to suspend the cologne bottle in the center of the package.


Clear Plastic box with transparent insert for woman’s cologne

The packaging for this product includes a brilliantly printed insert, a white matte finish and foil along the sides. The clear PET insert sleeve has been designed to suspend the cologne bottle in the center of the package.


Custom Clear Plastic Packaging with gussets

The gusset pack with centre hanger is perfect for beauty retail. Clear pvc like PET is printed with black and metallic silver in choice areas.


Clear PET box with a front hanger

Position the header at the front and take advantage of added billboard space for product printed information.

Clear Folding PET box with gussets

The die cut for this gusset pack has cut-outs placed to let the product protrude from the skincare packaging design.

Clear folding carton

Clear folding carton for skin care

See your product through the plastic like package. The sustainable PET folding box has clear sides and silk screen blue and white print on the lid.


Clear PET Multi-pack Bands for Beauty Packaging

Banding two or more products together is a simple and cost-effective way to add value to products. Multi-pack bands are a great way to move additional products.

Hot Foil PVC Box

Award winning Clear PET folding carton with full colour print and foil graphics

Health and Beauty Innovative Package Design of the Year shows off the unique product. Clear sustainable PET is printed with a combination of offset printing, Silk Screen printing and silver foil stamping.


Clear PET folding box with Translucent Print

A clear plastic like PET folding box has offset translucent blue print with white silk screen raised text.


Clear PET folding box with Translucent Print

Multiple sizes and products are displayed with this package providing brand consistency and great eye appeal on the shelf.

PET-folding-carton-with-vacum-formed-insert-1 (1)

PET folding carton with vacuum formed insert

Grooming gift set combines APET printed carton with vacuum formed insert. Show what’s in the box by printing choice areas.


PET folding carton Health and Beauty Gift Pack

Grooming gift set package is a printed PET folding box with vacuum formed insert. Clear PET shows what’s in the box.


Beauty Variety Pack in clear plastic like sustainable PET

Focus on what is inside the box! Clear vacuum tray slides into the clear PET with vibrant CMYK print.


All Clear Gift box set

This configuration features smaller PET boxes inside a larger one. Metallic silver printing adds flair without compromising visibility.


Clear box with solid print and gold foil

Transparent beauty product packaging lets your product shine through. Add impact with black print and gold foil.


PET tamper evident locking sleeve

Locking sleeve works with vacuum formed clam shell tray. The printed plastic sleeve locks to tray with tab system for quick and efficient assembly. No RF sealing, gluing or tape required to create tamper-evident seal.

Beauty Care PET Packaging with Full colour printing and foil stamped details

Clear folding PET package design can have opaque and fine detailed print with rich foil details for upscale beauty products and other fine packaging.


Clear PET folding box with special effect

The printing on the inside back panel adds a unique dimension to this clear box. Printing on the front and the inside of the skincare package design draws the eye to your product.


Clear PET folding box with silk screen printing

Don’t his what’s inside. Visible product sells. 2 colour silk screened print brands the outside of the transparent acetate like PET.


Clear PET folding carton with front facing header

This printed folding PET carton is designed with a front facing header which allows for continuous print, creating exceptional space for graphics.


Plastic folding carton foil stamped with special mirror effect

Crest APET carton with soft scoring to enable set up and fulfillment by machine. In addition carton has been foil stamped with special effect silver foil to enhance the image of the dental mirror.

Silkscreen printed clear PET folding carton

Clear PET Folding Carton with Fold-Over Header

This plastic carton gives consumers excellent product visibility while the vibrant UV printing on carton and header conveys all of the pertinent information. The fold-over header design allows for extra billboard space and for information to be printed on the reverse side.

PVC stamped folding carton

PVC folding carton with foil insert

The PVC printed folding package showcases the product with holographic foil inserts for special effect. This combination draws attention to carton on shelf and differentiates this item from the others.

Plastic Sleeve with vac formed end caps

Tamper evident Snap Cap Packaging

Vacuum formed locking end caps provide tamper evident closures. In addition dual function end caps hold bottle contained within this unique oval shaped package in place. Package also ships flat to save on transportation and storage costs.

Pillow Pack for Pharmaceuticals

Plastic standing pillow pack

This standing pillow pack is quite versatile and can be displayed standing on shelf or hanging from a hook. This homeopathic remedy chose to utilize APET with 25% PCR (post-consumer recycled content).

PET folding carton with tapered sides

Tapered Sides Carton

This interesting shape is created by incorporating tapered gussets into the sides of carton. The package can be displayed standing on shelf or hanging from a hook.

Clear Plastic window pillow pack with graphics

Clear plastic pillow pack with graphics

Products that are intended for consumption sell better when they are visible. This clear plastic pillow pack allows customers to see the colorful product while keeping the items secure.

Clear PET folding carton

High impact graphics on clear package

This transparent package provides a clear view of the glycerin soap bars inside. Shiny bright gold foil stamping is used to accent the Dial logo and bring extra attention to this item on shelf.

Three sided clear window plastic folding box

Plastic folding carton with internal platforms

The tooth whitening pen featured in this health product packaging is suspended between top and bottom platforms. These internal platforms are part of the carton and fold up and into the package. This design proved cost effective and eliminated the need for separate vacuum formed inserts.

  • Eco-PET Series can help your company meet its Sustainability goals for 2025 and onwards!

    Our new Eco-PET Series is made from 25% or 50% or 100% Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) PET and it is Recycled and Manufactured domestically here in North America. We are North America’s largest clear folding box manufacturer and the largest to use 100% PCR PET made domestically, here in the United States. Our new Eco-PET Series is made in America and is manufactured into clear folding boxes at both our locations in North America.

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  • Clear Folding Boxes and Cartons

    Printex Transparent Packaging manufacturers custom clear box packaging to make any product dramatically stand out on the shelf. Custom designed packaging in unlimited box styles and semi rigid bag configurations! We create all types of clear plastic cartons and boxes for a variety of industries. Offering a full range of decoration options for your package design including offset print, silk screen print, embossing, hot stamping, foil stamping and even a custom fragrance to your packaging! As a full-service shop, we can design your clear plastic packaging boxes from start to finish.

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    Perfume Bottle Packaging
  • Window Boxes

    A duo-carton utilizing foil laminated SBS paperboard attached to clear PET plastic. This vibrant package attracts the eye with its foil accents on the SBS as well as on the clear window area. This window box has opaque as well as translucent print. The PET Plastic part of the box is made from post-consumer recycled material. Recycled water bottles given a new useful life instead of going to land fill.

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    PET clear packaging
  • Clear Tube Packaging

    Don’t hide what’s inside! Clear plastic tubes and cylinders give products high visibility. Opaque and translucent print showcase eye-catching graphics and brand information while Clear PET brings the product closer to the consumer. This clear plastic tube packaging ships flat for efficient transport and storage until filled with product.

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    PET Clear Packaging Feature Section
  • Clear boxes for Automated Assembly

    PET carton erecting made simple with clear printed boxes made for automated assembly. Talk to us about your RF scoring requirements for automated packaging. PRINTEX TRANSPARENT PACKAGING has been using RF technology for over 30 years and is constantly updating both our understanding of the process and the machinery that makes the best use of its capabilities.

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    PET Clear Packaging Feature
  • Clip Strips and Gravity Feeders

    Semi-permanent Point-of-purchase (POP) displays give manufacturers a distinct advantage in the market. PRINTEX TRANSPARENT PACKAGING uses semi rigid plastics to create sturdy and attention-commanding displays that truly present your product in the best light. Ask us about, gravity feeds, DVD displays, brochure pockets, clip strips, shelf flags, neckhangers and on-pack bonus packaging.

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    PET Clear Packaging Feature