Clearly More Sustainable… Our New Eco-PET Series!

Eco-PET Series-PTPPost-Consumer Recycled PET helps you:

  • Divert waste from landfills
  • Meet your sustainability goals
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Our new Eco-PET 100 is Made in America! It’s 100% Clear, made here!

100% Post-Consumer Recycled PET

Our new Eco-PET 100 is made from 100% Recycled Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) PET and is Recycled and Manufactured domestically here in North America. We are North America’s largest clear folding box manufacturer and the largest to use 100% PCR PET made domestically, here in the United States. What’s the point of contributing to Sustainability and recycling if you do not use the recycled material from our own backyard? North America needs to stop importing recycled plastic from abroad. Black carbon fuel emissions from one mega-ship can equal the same amount of pollution as 50 million cars! Our new Eco-PET Series is made in America and is manufactured into clear folding boxes at both our locations in North America.

Up until now, North American PET sheet and film producers have only offered up to 25% and 50% post-consumer recycled content (PCR) plastic for box grade packaging. Previously, it was difficult to produce a clear and un-tinted PET in 100% PCR.

Eco-PET 100 can help your company meet its Sustainability goals for 2025 and onwards!

PTP is committed to supporting sustainability efforts where we live.

    • 100% PCR PET Helps Support Recycling and Sustainability Goals in North America
    • Major brand owners and retailers have been developing more robust sustainability goals.  
    • Our 100% domestic PCR offering will directly help all these stakeholders meet their sustainability goals by encouraging recycling and the use of more PCR content.
  • Producing the 100% PCR PET here in North America uses and cleans up our own recycled plastic.  Why should we import anything? It’s important for PTP to support the ecosystem where we live!

Background Info on 100% PCR PET

  • Recycling Symbol for PETAs North America’s largest plastic folding carton company, Printex Transparent Packaging (PTP), can leverage our purchasing power and market share to help move the needle forward on the use of this clear, 100% PCR product.
  • The economics of producing this material and bringing it to market at a price point that would fit within many companies packaging budgets required us to purchase this material in substantial volume.  PTP leverage the buying power of our 2 manufacturing plants dedicated to clear PET packaging to justify the high volume runs.  

Working with a key domestic rigid plastic film supplier, Printex Transparent Packaging now is excited to be the first North American carton company to offer 100% post-consumer recycled plastic folding cartons sourced and manufactured in North America.  Our total PCR offering will now consist of 3 products: ECO-PET 100, ECO-PET 50 & ECO-PET 25

How is this material made?

  • PET water and beverage bottles are collected curbside by local municipalities
  • PET is the most recycled plastic on the planet
Plastics Recycling
  • rPET Lifecycle PCR PETMore and more investment is being made into plastics recycling and renewal
  • The recycler washes disinfect and grind the bottle into a flake
  • The material supplier purchases the flake and extrudes flake into 100% PCR clear sheets
  • PTP purchases the 100% PCR (Post Consumer Recycled) sheets and then converts the sheets into clear PET cartons


  1. The clean flake and sheets produced to comply with FDA Reg 21CFR177.1630 and FDA Recycled plastics requirements, EU regulations, RoHS, California RPPC, and CONEG
  2. All raw materials used to produce our 100% PCR content sheets are produced using domestically sourced post-consumer bottle flake
  3. The flake derived from the bottle scrap collected curbside is overall good quality and performance and comparable to virgin PET sheet

Domestic vs Import

Using Domestically sourced PCR raw materials helps support our overall recycling goals here in North America versus using imported PCR content products from unknown sources 

Furthermore, imported plastic products, typically from Asia, require goods to be transported from China to North America on container ships.  These container ships burn a lot of fuel oil and expel a lot of carbon into the atmosphere. This is mostly unregulated.   A large container ships fuel tank can hold 1.5mm to 2MM gallons of bulk heavy oil fuel.  Over the 15–20-day voyage, 1MM gallons of this crude oil is burnt.  Not to mention that a large percentage of these container ships travel back to Asia empty!  Clearly, one great way to lower our carbon footprint is to buy domestically!

Why Clear Packaging?

PTP customers choose our clear cartons to help make their brands and packaged products more visible to consumers.

It is not always enough to print their product image on the outside of their package – ie. how often are you disappointed when the printed image you see on a package fails to live up to the actual product?  That beautiful frozen pizza looked so good in the picture.   When this happens, you become disappointed and may feel that you have been deceived.   

With clear packaging, a company can build trust between their brands and their customers.

We like to site a study done at Clemson University in 2012.  Although 10 years old we feel this is even more relevant today.  

This study utilized eye-tracking technology to prove what we intuitively know to be true – consumers want to see what they are purchasing.

Consumers want to see what they are buying.  

Transparency & increased visibility in packaging lead to a 678% increase in the ability to capture consumers’ attention on the shelf. This can lead to an increase in sales of as much as 200%. 

PET is sustainable and can be recycled into an infinite loop

Stats PET is greener than Aluminum and GlassSometimes you see posts online claiming that we need to replace PET with aluminium or glass to save the environment. But now, with PCR PET, companies do not need to eliminate plastics to meet their sustainability goals. Franklin Associates did a conception to end analysis and found that PET was significantly greener in all three categories because it created the least greenhouse gas, used the least energy, and created less waste than either aluminium or glass. The report shows that moving from PET to aluminium would mean double the CO2, double the waste, and use about 50% more energy usage. In general, PET comes out as having the lowest impact compared to glass and aluminium, especially when it is recycled and when larger containers are used.

  • Eco-PET Series can help your company meet its Sustainability goals for 2025 and onwards!

    Our new Eco-PET Series is made from 25% or 50% or 100% Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) PET and it is Recycled and Manufactured domestically here in North America. We are North America’s largest clear folding box manufacturer and the largest to use 100% PCR PET made domestically, here in the United States. Our new Eco-PET Series is made in America and is manufactured into clear folding boxes at both our locations in North America.

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  • Clear Folding Boxes and Cartons

    Printex Transparent Packaging manufacturers custom clear box packaging to make any product dramatically stand out on the shelf. Custom designed packaging in unlimited box styles and semi rigid bag configurations! We create all types of clear plastic cartons and boxes for a variety of industries. Offering a full range of decoration options for your package design including offset print, silk screen print, embossing, hot stamping, foil stamping and even a custom fragrance to your packaging! As a full-service shop, we can design your clear plastic packaging boxes from start to finish.

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    Perfume Bottle Packaging
  • Window Boxes

    A duo-carton utilizing foil laminated SBS paperboard attached to clear PET plastic. This vibrant package attracts the eye with its foil accents on the SBS as well as on the clear window area. This window box has opaque as well as translucent print. The PET Plastic part of the box is made from post-consumer recycled material. Recycled water bottles given a new useful life instead of going to land fill.

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    PET clear packaging
  • Clear Tube Packaging

    Don’t hide what’s inside! Clear plastic tubes and cylinders give products high visibility. Opaque and translucent print showcase eye-catching graphics and brand information while Clear PET brings the product closer to the consumer. This clear plastic tube packaging ships flat for efficient transport and storage until filled with product.

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    PET Clear Packaging Feature Section
  • Clear boxes for Automated Assembly

    PET carton erecting made simple with clear printed boxes made for automated assembly. Talk to us about your RF scoring requirements for automated packaging. PRINTEX TRANSPARENT PACKAGING has been using RF technology for over 30 years and is constantly updating both our understanding of the process and the machinery that makes the best use of its capabilities.

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    PET Clear Packaging Feature
  • Clip Strips and Gravity Feeders

    Semi-permanent Point-of-purchase (POP) displays give manufacturers a distinct advantage in the market. PRINTEX TRANSPARENT PACKAGING uses semi rigid plastics to create sturdy and attention-commanding displays that truly present your product in the best light. Ask us about, gravity feeds, DVD displays, brochure pockets, clip strips, shelf flags, neckhangers and on-pack bonus packaging.

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    PET Clear Packaging Feature