Plastic Window Boxes

PRINTEX TRANSPARENT PACKAGING now offers rigid clear window pick-and-place services in addition to its already extensive plastic folding carton offerings and plastic window packaging boxes. Printex Transparent Packaging is known as a plastic folding carton specialist. We’ve now expanded our lineup of plastic packaging products to include a rigid window applicator. This technological innovation can apply a one, two, three, or four-sided window to paper folding cartons. Printex Transparent Packaging is one of the few companies in North America that can produce easy-to-erect plastic folding cartons capable of running on automated filling lines. These plastic folding cartons are produced in our Long Island, NY and Montreal, Canada manufacturing facilities. We also have a location in Schenzhen, China for clients that pack their products overseas.

Printex Transparent Packaging has years of experience producing plastic folding cartons—as well as the plastic windows to give products that extra visibility on shelves. We have a track record of producing truly outstanding packages with a variety of decorations including offset print, hot foil stamping, cold foil and silk screen printing. We’ll show you a whole new way to deliver customer satisfaction with our plastic window packaging boxes.

Window Boxes Examples

Clear PET die cut window 3

Clear PET die cut window 2

Clear PET die cut window

Clear PET die cut window

custom window box packaging with clear glued window

gluing and clear windows

Bakery & Cake Box

  • Printed Plastic Box for Food Industry

    Unique clear box packaging for the seafood industry. A completely new way to package and sell oysters that makes this brand stand out above others and outsell the competition. Food Grade clear PET packaging with outside printing in both opaque and transparent 4-colour process printing. High end visual packaging that sells! Food Grade clear PET packaging with outside printing in both opaque and transparent 4 colour process printing. High end visual packaging that sells!

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    PET clear Packaging
  • Clear Folding Boxes and Cartons

    Printex Transparent Packaging manufacturers custom clear box packaging to make any product dramatically stand out on the shelf. Custom designed packaging in unlimited box styles and semi rigid bag configurations! We create all types of clear plastic cartons and boxes for a variety of industries. Offering a full range of decoration options for your package design including offset print, silk screen print, embossing, hot stamping, foil stamping and even a custom fragrance to your packaging! As a full-service shop, we can design your clear plastic packaging boxes from start to finish.

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    Perfume Bottle Packaging
  • Window Boxes

    A duo-carton utilizing foil laminated SBS paperboard attached to clear PET plastic. This vibrant package attracts the eye with its foil accents on the SBS as well as on the clear window area. This window box has opaque as well as translucent print. The PET Plastic part of the box is made from post-consumer recycled material. Recycled water bottles given a new useful life instead of going to land fill.

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    PET clear packaging
  • Clear Tube Packaging

    Don’t hide what’s inside! Clear plastic tubes and cylinders give products high visibility. Opaque and translucent print showcase eye-catching graphics and brand information while Clear PET brings the product closer to the consumer. This clear plastic tube packaging ships flat for efficient transport and storage until filled with product.

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    PET Clear Packaging Feature Section
  • Clear boxes for Automated Assembly

    PET carton erecting made simple with clear printed boxes made for automated assembly. Talk to us about your RF scoring requirements for automated packaging. PRINTEX TRANSPARENT PACKAGING has been using RF technology for over 30 years and is constantly updating both our understanding of the process and the machinery that makes the best use of its capabilities.

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    PET Clear Packaging Feature
  • Clip Strips and Gravity Feeders

    Semi-permanent Point-of-purchase (POP) displays give manufacturers a distinct advantage in the market. PRINTEX TRANSPARENT PACKAGING uses semi rigid plastics to create sturdy and attention-commanding displays that truly present your product in the best light. Ask us about, gravity feeds, DVD displays, brochure pockets, clip strips, shelf flags, neckhangers and on-pack bonus packaging.

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    PET Clear Packaging Feature