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Printex Transparent Packaging Wins another award!

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Another Award for Printex Transparent Packaging!

Printex Transparent Packaging is proud to announce being awarded the NJPEC Silver Package of the Year Award for the Crayola Building Blocks packaging! This collaborative development process between Printex Transparent Packaging and the client came up with a cost effective and efficient design for shipping, storage and assembly. What child wouldn’t be excited to see this fun, bright, colorful huge crayon on Christmas morning? It serves as an eye catching retail package as well as a storage container for their children’s building block sets.

The Printex Transparent PET sleeve is manufactured to set up from a flat position into a large round crayon shaped tube container. This crayon shaped package design not only reinforces the iconic trusted Crayola Crayon brand but affords a storage container that is a decorative addition to a child’s room or playroom. This is produced in various colors, with high impact colorful graphics.

Tubes Ship Flat!

Advantages of the Printex Transparent Snap Cap

The Printex Transparent Packaging Snap Cap design assembles quickly and efficiently. The clear sleeves ship flat with Snap Caps that turn the flat sleeve into a round tube! This is clear packaging utilized for manageability in transit and maximum retail impact with a unique design that allows the clear tube to expose the product to the customer and attract additional sales. The special die cut locking features on the PET sleeve has been designed and manufactured to quickly and easily lock and assemble with the injection molded caps. This quick and positive locking feature allows for the top crayon tip and bottom end cap to attach to the cylinder body sleeve without requiring expensive sealing/affixing procedure such as screws, tape, glue and or welding etc. This has saved many dollars in assembly labor cost and helped meet a growing market demand. In addition, the special ship flat design allows for a more efficient way to transport a large volume of round containers to assembly destination that would otherwise necessitate many additional container loads and trucking if required to be shipped set up.

The Clear Advantage for Shelf Presence…

The most important advantage of the Printex Transparent Packaging Snap Cap Crayola Tube packaging, aside from all of the aforementioned efficiencies, is clearly the shelf presence it provides. The clear plastic package made into the Iconic Crayola Crayon shape allows for the multitude of vibrant colored blocks to shine through. In addition, Printex Transparent Packaging has printed the tube with the trusted Crayola brand which is known for quality as well as breath of color. So not only is this a smart cost effective design but one with a large shelf appeal that has generated many impulse buys and a real impact on shelf. Retailers who have carried this product in 2016 are now repeating it for 2017 because of the tremendous sell through they have experienced. This is common story for brand owners that have made the move to Printex Transparent Packaging’s visual packaging. Another clear package design success story!…

Congratulations Andre Liu and Dan Belliveau!

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Congratulations Andre Liu and Dan Belliveau!

Two key team members of Printex Transparent Packaging will mark their 30-year anniversary in the next few days! Andre Liu and Dan Belliveau

Andre started with the company in May, 30 years ago as a student working through University. He has worked through so many positions within the company, he could take the plastic folding box packaging concept from the client, design it, cost it, quote it, make the CAD samples, run the press’s and folder gluers to produce the order, ship it, and even invoice it! Andre now spends most of his time at the Montreal Plant with General management duties and customer service. In his personal time Andre enjoys cycle cross racing and sport shooting.

Danny Belliveau started in June, 30 years ago as a young assistant production manager. He was later promoted to plant manager. In recent years Dan has been primarily in sales and customer service where he has really hit his stride enjoying finding the right clear box packaging solution for his many clients across North America. Dan is a national level competitive curler in his spare time which works well being a winter sport, so it doesn’t compete with one of his other joys of barbecuing in the back yard with a cold beer on a hot summer evening. Both Andre and Dan have been involved with the company since it was German owned, known as Sicht Pack at the time, with patent protected processes for soft crease folding cartons, to being purchased by Transparent Packaging of Hamilton, then purchasing Look Packaging of Toronto, and fighting through the onslaught of China and off shoring, to the merger with Printex Packaging of Long Island, now making them part of the largest clear folding box producer in North America. Andre and Dan are two of our longest-term employees, and we have many more that have also been with us a long time, which speaks well of the company and the atmosphere that all of us play a part in creating for our working lives. It’s having great guys on your team like them and others that makes for a winning team. There is probably no one else in North America with more knowledge of plastic folding carton manufacturing than these two gentlemen have. Feel free to send them a congratulation on 30 years!