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Characteristics of PVC Plastic Packaging

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Characteristics of PVC Plastic Packaging

When it comes to choosing the right packaging for your products, you must consider many factors. Your product’s packaging should be eye-catching, high quality, durable, and dependable. We also always have to weigh the finical costs and benefits, as well as the impact to our environment. Clear PVC packaging can fit the need in some cases, whereas in many cases clear PET packaging is preferred.


Like many plastic packaging materials, PVC plastic packaging is extremely durable. Unlike some other plastics, however, PVC plastic packaging has a higher impact tolerance and is highly reliable regarding barrier protection. When product visibility is desired (studies show it attracts more attention) PVC clear packaging may be preferred over PET if the product will be stored in a fridge or on ice. This is because PVC will maintain greater flexibility, and it’s less brittle than a PET packaging.

Secure Packaging

PVC packaging is often used for situations in which the brand owner or retailer want to weld the package closed. This could be in the form of a clear PVC box, or more commonly, PVC clamshells. Two panels of the package can be welded together using radio frequency so that the consumer or potential shoplifter needs to cut the package open to access the package.


PVC plastic packaging is a number 3 on the recycle symbol scale. This means it’s recyclable where the proper facilities exist. PVC plastic is used largely in construction, pipes for example, credit cards, furniture, as well as medical devices and containers. A small amount of PVC is recycled into products such as mats, speed bumps, and flooring, but it’s a small percent compared to the amount of PET packaging that is recycled. In fact, Printex Transparent Packaging makes clear folding cartons from post-consumer recycled PET such as water bottles.

Versatile Packaging Material

PVC is very versatile and customizable for packaging. Not only can PVC plastic be used to create clear clamshells and plastic boxes in various shapes and sizes, but you can also include eye-catching colors and designs printed directly on the PVC package. Some brands will use PVC for their folding box or clear lid instead of PET because PVC can be debossed during the die cutting stage to create a very nice, but subtle, 3-D logo or image on the package.

These are some of the considerations when choosing your clear packaging materials.

Holiday Product Packaging Ideas

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Holiday Product Packaging Ideas

The Importance of Product Packaging

The holiday season is fast approaching, which means it’s time to start unveiling your company’s seasonal products and packaging. Winter is the busiest shopping season of the year, with gift-giving holidays around every corner. Give your products a seasonal makeover this year with these unique and festive holiday product packaging ideas.

Build a promo pack

Finding a present for everyone on your list can be tricky and many shoppers are on the lookout for quick and easy gifts. Building a promo pack is a great way to appeal to these shoppers, as they can tick several things off their list at once with minimal time and effort. When building a holiday promo pack, try to package together similar items or products that people frequently buy together. This will help the consumer feel they’re receiving a bargain and your company sell more of their seasonal products. You may also consider building an exclusive holiday-themed promo pack containing multiple seasonal products to further help consumers get into the holiday spirit.

Mimic gift wrapping

The holiday season can be quite hectic. Not only do consumers need to purchase gifts, but they need to wrap and deliver them, as well. Decorate your product packaging to mimic holiday gift wrapping to help shoppers save time and give your products a more festive flair. When the product comes in decorated boxes, bags, or bows, the consumer doesn’t need to worry about wrapping the gift themselves. This holiday product packaging idea is quite alluring to shoppers who are tight on time and looking to simplify their holiday preparations.

Showcase the product

When it comes to holiday shopping, many consumers know better than to judge a book by its cover. Therefore, designing your product packaging in a way that highlights the product can help differentiate your product from the competition. Further, display your product in a clear folding box or incorporate a clear plastic window into the packaging design. This will give consumers a sneak peek at the product that lies within. As such, it will help manage consumer expectations and increase overall faith and trust in the product, thereby increasing the likelihood of purchase.

Incorporate holiday colors and themes

There’s no shortage of symbols during the holiday season. Incorporating such symbols into your product packaging will differentiate your product from others on the market during the rest of the year. Infuse holiday colors such as red, green, gold, and white into your design for a more subtle holiday flair. You can use other holiday symbols, such as Christmas trees, snowflakes, and stars, in holiday-themed packaging as well. These symbols can be a bit overwhelming, however, and you should use them tastefully and sparingly.