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Ways to Make Your Product Stand Out

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make your product stand out

Ways to Make Your Product Stand Out

Catching consumers’ attention is no easy task, particularly in industries that are already overrun by many different companies and products. Your product must stand out and make a statement. The easiest way to do this is through an expertly designed product package that employs vibrant colors, window box packaging, and overall memorable imagery. Because product packaging serves as the customer’s first introduction to the product itself, the packaging itself must make a good first impression. Choosing design elements that complement each other and push the envelope without going too far can help your products stand out among the competition. This guide explores three different ways to make your product stand out and catch consumers’ eyes.

Vibrant colors

One of the most effective ways to make your product stand out is through the use of vibrant colors. Color plays a far larger role in purchasing decisions than many people realize. Even the consumers themselves do not always notice the emotional connection they may have to certain colors. As a result, vibrant colors not only serve to catch the consumer’s eye but also to keep them engaged for the duration of the shopping experience. Bear in mind that certain colors are better for advertising certain types of products. When choosing the colors for your product packaging, be sure to consider how they may impact your company’s identity and image as a whole. The human eye is instinctively drawn to certain colors and finds specific combinations more appealing than others. Use this knowledge to your advantage when selecting colors and see your products fly off the shelves in no time.

Uniquely shaped packaging

The shape of product packaging may seem inconsequential, especially in markets that are overrun by boring boxes and bags, but it can have a rather large impact on a product’s overall shelf appeal. Deviating from the norm and packaging your products in a unique shape helps set your items apart from the competition. The human brain is inclined to look for patterns in everyday life and is therefore drawn to anything that disrupts those patterns. Therefore, changing the status quo in this manner and packaging your products in a unique shape can help draw consumers’ eyes easily. Choosing unique packaging materials can help distinguish your products from competitors even further. Implementing transparent elements into your packaging design, perhaps through window box packaging or shaped acetate boxes, adds additional distinguishing features to your product that will help differentiate it from the competition.

Recognizable imagery

Brand identity plays a large role in the overall success of a product. Consumers can form very strong loyalty to brands and on some occasions may be able to recognize a brand simply by the images and font that is used on their product’s packaging. Including recognizable imagery in your product’s packaging is therefore instrumental. This memorable imagery, whether through words, fonts, or a product’s window box packaging, helps consumers quickly and easily distinguish your products from those of your competitors. When placed alongside multiple similar products, this instant identification becomes all the more important. Through very few words, this imagery assures your loyal customers that they can trust your company and your products, making the entire shopping process much quicker and more efficient.

Made in USA and Canada Clear Plastic Folding Box Maker, Now a Leader in Clear Plastic Face Shield Production

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Made in USA and Canada Clear Plastic Folding Box Maker, Now a Leader in Clear Plastic Face Shield Production

Printex Transparent Packaging (PTP) quickly pivoted production to ship over 10 million shields in the last 2.5 months in response to the critical PPE shortage during COVID-19! PTP immediately started retooling to respond and manufacture Face Shields in the first week of March! As the largest manufacturer of clear folding plastic boxes (Acetate boxes as some people call them) in North America, it was a simple decision ­“‑‑‑ utilize our clear recyclable PET material, reallocate our resources and our expertise in clear plastic converting to make protective face splash guards”. The fast turnaround of production from clear folding boxes to clear face shields is indicative of how Printex Transparent Packaging serves its valued packaging clients, quickly and responsively! PTP made it a priority to help protect our front line workers, donating thousands of shields and now also protect the general population as we try to phase into returning to work and normal life after emergency COVID-19 measures.

Printex Transparent Packaging’s Face Shield is:

  • Licensed as a Class 1 Medical Device – MDEL 12157
  • FDA Approved under EUA 4132020
  • Is Reusable and Recyclable

With locations in the Toronto area, NY and Montreal, they are also featured on the Thomas COVID-19 Response System with other North American suppliers manufacturing critical emergency supplies. The high volume of Face Shields produced by Printex Transparent Packaging makes them one of the Top North American Face Shield Suppliers. To read more about PTP’s contributions, please read them being featured on NewsWire’s Press Release: Plastic Folding Box Manufacturer converts to leading Face Shield Manufacturer.

As businesses now try to re-open, Printex Transparent Packaging is also contributing to the fight against COVID-19 with the manufacture of clear disposable face shields that attach to Bump Caps.  PTP not only developed and produced millions of their own Face Shields, but also manufactures just the clear face shield component without any strap or headband for other face shield manufacturing and assembly companies. With all of Printex Transparent Packaging’s experience printing on clear plastic for folding cartons, it’s an easy transition to print logos or advertising on the face shields as well.

Polyethylene vs. Polypropylene Packaging

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Polyethylene vs. Polypropylene Packaging
To the untrained eye, polyethylene and polypropylene packaging can appear quite similar. While both materials do possess several of the same attributes, they are made quite unique by their intricacies and uses in various industrial applications. Both plastics are created using the same building blocks of carbon and hydrogen, but it is the structure of these elements that makes each material so unique. Polypropylene and polyethylene are two of the most common plastic packaging materials currently on the market, and with good reason. This guide explores the main differences in polyethylene vs. polypropylene packaging and the advantages of using each one for your packaging needs.

Polyethylene packaging

Polyethylene is one of the most commonly used plastics in the world because of its many different industrial applications. The most popular use of polyethylene plastic, however, is in product packaging. Polyethylene has a very low density, which can help manufacturers save money when shipping large quantities of products. Shipping rates are often calculated based on the total weight of the items. Using a packaging material with a low density allows the manufacturer to slightly reduce the weight of each item, leading to larger savings overall. Polyethylene is often further separated into distinct classes based on the density and weight of the plastic. Polyethylene with a slightly higher density is generally used to package items that may require slightly more protection, including food items or cleaning products. The chemical makeup of polyethylene not only affects the material’s durability but also its overall look and design. Polyethylene packaging can range from semi-opaque to translucent, depending on the thermal history and the desire of the manufacturer. Polyethylene sees many applications in product packaging and is often used to create polyethylene terephthalate, or PET plastic packaging.


Polypropylene is perhaps one of the most versatile materials for product packaging. Like polyethylene, polypropylene has a very low density and is therefore very lightweight. Because of its lightweight nature, polypropylene is also very flexible and can easily be used to package products of all shapes and sizes. Despite being so lightweight and flexible, however, polypropylene is also incredibly durable. Polypropylene plastic is in fact so durable that it can be bent repeatedly in the same location many times without cracking or breaking. This high resistance to fatigue makes it ideal for the construction of folded plastic cartons and boxes for product packaging. Polypropylene packaging also has a translucent nature, though it is more frequently used when a frosted or slightly opaque effect is desired. Colored or otherwise tinted polypropylene is also popular and can add a vibrant effect to any product packaging. This opens up many doors for manufacturers when designing their product packaging.

At Printex Transparent Packaging, we offer a wide selection of both polyethylene and polypropylene packaging options in the form of clear PVC boxes to ensure that your product packaging design hits the mark every time.