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5 Things Your Product Packaging Says About Your Brand

Transparent Packaging

Stand Out on the Shelf with Transparent Packaging

Great packaging is essential to engaging and building your target customers, not only for your product, but also your brand, and your company.

Brand Recognition

It only takes 3 seconds for a consumer to form an opinion of a product. Standing out on the shelf is important. Use a logo, a unique shape, transparent windows and other branded imagery on your packaging.

Brand Positioning

You need to know your marketing message and your demographic. For example, younger audiences prefer brighter colors, with block fonts and bold shapes. Consumers of upscale products prefer colors like black and gold with elegant fonts. Colors can help convey your brand identity as well. Design your packaging for your target audience.

Emotional Connection

The more the consumer relates to, the more likely they are to purchase it or recommend it to others. People can find a connection with packaging in different ways, such as comfort, consistency and even the shape of the box. Colors draw in the customer; so, match colors with feelings such as happy yellows, serene blues, or sensual reds. Color improves brand recognition by 80%.

Show What You Do

People love stories, so tell your story. Are you committed to sustainability? 80% of consumers are likely to switch to brands similar in price and quality to one that supports a cause they favour. You can probably think of a few brands that do very well telling their story with an inspiring blurb on their packaging.

Transparent Packaging

“Don’t hide what’s inside!” Customers like to see what they are getting. Whether it’s a clear box, a window box, or a printed clear PET (clear plastic) box with clear areas. Showcasing your product increases interest. Transparent packaging shows a product’s credibility and trust.

Packaging Done Right

Good product packaging doesn’t have to be expensive. Great product packaging is about creating a lasting impression on the shelf and in the minds of your customers. Returning customers’ spend an average of 67% more than first time customers, investing time into thoughtful packaging is well worth your effort.

Contact our team of specialists today to get started customizing your packaging solution.

The Effectiveness of Plastic Face Shields

The Effectiveness of Plastic Face Shields
Here at Printex Transparent Packaging, we want our customers to stay as safe as possible in these very difficult times. That’s why we offer plastic face shields as a way to protect against the spread of COVID-19. There are a few benefits to plastic face shields over masks. In this article, we will look at the effectiveness of plastic face shields.

Eye Protection

One of the major downsides of simply using a cloth face mask is that it does not cover one’s eyes. Eyes have a larger part to play in the spread of viruses than you might initially think. A cough or sneeze that may be blocked by a face mask from entering the mouth or nose could still enter the body through the soft tissue around the eyes. Plastic face masks are useful when the immediate risk of eyes encountering small particulates of the virus is high, such as in healthcare facilities.

Combination With Masks

The most effective way to lower your chances of transmission, besides regular hand-washing and social distancing, is to wear both a face mask and a face shield over the top of it. In this way, the face shield and the mask work together. The mask becomes more effective at blocking airborne pathogens because fewer particulates are making their way into the mask with the presence of the face shield.

Reduction in Face Touching

Perhaps one of the most annoying things about face masks is their tendency to not always fit properly over individual noses and mouths. This can lead to constant readjusting of the face mask, introducing anything that may be on your hands into the mask itself. Even worse, adjusting the mask can allow particulates to slip around the side of them. A plastic face shield reduces the need to put your hands anywhere near your face, thus reducing the risk of transmission.

If you are going to utilize face shields for protection, then it is important to understand the effectiveness of plastic face shields. Printex Transparent Packaging is more than just clear box packaging, and we want to make sure that you and those you care about are safe throughout these changes to our lives.

Face Shields vs. Masks for Protection From COVID-19

Face Shields vs. Masks for Protection From COVID-19
Since safety is everyone’s top priority right now, as the COVID-19 pandemic shows no signs of stopping, everyone is still wondering how best to protect themselves. One of the more heated arguments is whether face shields are more effective than face masks, or vice versa. Here we’ll explore some of the key differences between them and help determine the qualities of face shields vs. masks for protection from COVID-19.

Face Shields

Disposable plastic face shields can be effective against spreading COVID-19 if used properly. One of the best parts about a face shield is that it protects the entire face, including the all-important eyes. The eyes are a vulnerable point of entry for the virus, so the face shield’s ability to protect this area is key. Disposable plastic face shields offer full coverage of the nose, mouth and eyes. But they also prevent you from touching your face, are comfortable to wear, are reusable and are almost impossible to wear wrong.

One of the problems with disposable plastic face shields is that the virus often spreads through very small particles that can sometimes find their way past the shield. The open sides and bottom of face shields do not effectively protect the mouth from any stray virus transmission. However, a 2014 cough simulation by the National Library of Medicine found that a face shield can reduce a person’s viral exposure by 96% when worn within 18” (45.7cm) of someone who is coughing. Also, Dr. Amesh Adala, a Johns Hopkins Infectious Disease Expert, does not believe that the open areas of a shield are a major risk for transmission since respiratory droplets are gravity-dependent. In fact, he believes that the openings around the face shield make it easier to wear and easier to comply with. The benefits of not touching your face and protecting your eyes outweigh any deficiency anyone may pose against face shields.

Face Masks

We all know how important face masks are to preventing the spread of COVID-19, but they are not without drawbacks as well. Face masks are useful because the most effective ones fully cover the mouth and nose, blocking the virus’s most common pathways into the body. It is important to ensure that the mask creates a seal around the mouth and nose so as not to let any viral particles slip through.

On the other hand, face masks do not solve the problem of exposed eyes the way that face shields do. One of the other downsides of face masks is that many people do not have the approved N95 masks and, therefore, use homemade masks or surgical masks that do not create a solid seal on the face. Plus, people often touch their faces more while wearing a mask, as they tend to be uncomfortable and prone to slippage.


After weighing the pros and cons, the answer to whether face shields or masks are better protection from COVID-19 is that neither of them is perfect. If you are heading out into the public, a face mask should be the absolute minimum required for doing so. However, if you are in a highly trafficked area or a field such as the medical or delivery fields, the best answer would be to wear both, as this will give you the highest chance to prevent the virus from spreading to or from you. If you are in the office and are distancing, a face shield will likely feel more comfortable.

PVC vs. PET Plastic Packaging

pvc vs pet packaging

PVC vs. PET Plastic Packaging

Plastic product packaging is used to manufacture goods in various industries around the world. Depending on the industry and the type of product in question, certain types of plastic packaging may be more effective than others in a given scenario. PVC and PET are two types of plastic packaging that are used frequently in manufacturing. While these types of clear plastic packaging may appear almost identical to the untrained eye, some key differences set them apart from one another. Each type of packaging comes with its own unique advantages and applications in a variety of different industries. This brief guide provides a more in-depth look at PVC vs. PET plastic packaging and the unique characteristics of each.


PVC plastic is most well known for its durability. Indeed, it’s for this reason that other types of PVC plastic are used to create pipes and siding. This durability is equally as valued when it comes to product packaging. PVC plastic packaging is designed to withstand strong impacts and temperatures. Manufacturers can rest easy knowing that products that are packaged in PVC plastic will always be protected and will reach their destination unharmed. For this reason, PVC plastic is a favorite when packaging food and pharmaceutical items. Due to this extreme durability, however, PVC plastic can be quite rigid, making it less malleable than PET plastic. PVC plastic packaging is also less transparent than PET plastic. PVC plastic packaging is still highly transparent, but it is not quite as glass-like as PET.


Polyethylene terephthalate, also known as PET, is a popular type of plastic used to package a variety of different products. When assessing PVC vs. PET plastic packaging, one of the most notable differences is versatility. PET plastic possesses the same standards of durability and strength as PVC plastic packaging without much of the added rigidity. This type of clear plastic packaging is also more resistant to UV rays and is therefore able to withstand extreme conditions for a far longer period of time. PET plastic packaging is also a very sustainable product. PET plastic can be recycled into a variety of different items. Because PET is so easily recyclable it is a very popular option among companies wishing to adopt more environmentally friendly practices.

Both PVC and PET plastic can be used to create a variety of different clear plastic packaging options. Contact our team at Printex Transparent Packaging to discuss which option will be best for your specific needs.

Ways to Make Your Product Stand Out

make your product stand out

Ways to Make Your Product Stand Out

Catching consumers’ attention is no easy task, particularly in industries that are already overrun by many different companies and products. Your product must stand out and make a statement. The easiest way to do this is through an expertly designed product package that employs vibrant colors, window box packaging, and overall memorable imagery. Because product packaging serves as the customer’s first introduction to the product itself, the packaging itself must make a good first impression. Choosing design elements that complement each other and push the envelope without going too far can help your products stand out among the competition. This guide explores three different ways to make your product stand out and catch consumers’ eyes.

Vibrant colors

One of the most effective ways to make your product stand out is through the use of vibrant colors. Color plays a far larger role in purchasing decisions than many people realize. Even the consumers themselves do not always notice the emotional connection they may have to certain colors. As a result, vibrant colors not only serve to catch the consumer’s eye but also to keep them engaged for the duration of the shopping experience. Bear in mind that certain colors are better for advertising certain types of products. When choosing the colors for your product packaging, be sure to consider how they may impact your company’s identity and image as a whole. The human eye is instinctively drawn to certain colors and finds specific combinations more appealing than others. Use this knowledge to your advantage when selecting colors and see your products fly off the shelves in no time.

Uniquely shaped packaging

The shape of product packaging may seem inconsequential, especially in markets that are overrun by boring boxes and bags, but it can have a rather large impact on a product’s overall shelf appeal. Deviating from the norm and packaging your products in a unique shape helps set your items apart from the competition. The human brain is inclined to look for patterns in everyday life and is therefore drawn to anything that disrupts those patterns. Therefore, changing the status quo in this manner and packaging your products in a unique shape can help draw consumers’ eyes easily. Choosing unique packaging materials can help distinguish your products from competitors even further. Implementing transparent elements into your packaging design, perhaps through window box packaging or shaped acetate boxes, adds additional distinguishing features to your product that will help differentiate it from the competition.

Recognizable imagery

Brand identity plays a large role in the overall success of a product. Consumers can form very strong loyalty to brands and on some occasions may be able to recognize a brand simply by the images and font that is used on their product’s packaging. Including recognizable imagery in your product’s packaging is therefore instrumental. This memorable imagery, whether through words, fonts, or a product’s window box packaging, helps consumers quickly and easily distinguish your products from those of your competitors. When placed alongside multiple similar products, this instant identification becomes all the more important. Through very few words, this imagery assures your loyal customers that they can trust your company and your products, making the entire shopping process much quicker and more efficient.

Made in USA and Canada Clear Plastic Folding Box Maker, Now a Leader in Clear Plastic Face Shield Production

Made in USA and Canada Clear Plastic Folding Box Maker, Now a Leader in Clear Plastic Face Shield Production

Printex Transparent Packaging (PTP) quickly pivoted production to ship over 10 million shields in the last 2.5 months in response to the critical PPE shortage during COVID-19! PTP immediately started retooling to respond and manufacture Face Shields in the first week of March! As the largest manufacturer of clear folding plastic boxes (Acetate boxes as some people call them) in North America, it was a simple decision ­“‑‑‑ utilize our clear recyclable PET material, reallocate our resources and our expertise in clear plastic converting to make protective face splash guards”. The fast turnaround of production from clear folding boxes to clear face shields is indicative of how Printex Transparent Packaging serves its valued packaging clients, quickly and responsively! PTP made it a priority to help protect our front line workers, donating thousands of shields and now also protect the general population as we try to phase into returning to work and normal life after emergency COVID-19 measures.

Printex Transparent Packaging’s Face Shield is:

  • Licensed as a Class 1 Medical Device – MDEL 12157
  • FDA Approved under EUA 4132020
  • Is Reusable and Recyclable

With locations in the Toronto area, NY and Montreal, they are also featured on the Thomas COVID-19 Response System with other North American suppliers manufacturing critical emergency supplies. The high volume of Face Shields produced by Printex Transparent Packaging makes them one of the Top North American Face Shield Suppliers. To read more about PTP’s contributions, please read them being featured on NewsWire’s Press Release: Plastic Folding Box Manufacturer converts to leading Face Shield Manufacturer.

As businesses now try to re-open, Printex Transparent Packaging is also contributing to the fight against COVID-19 with the manufacture of clear disposable face shields that attach to Bump Caps.  PTP not only developed and produced millions of their own Face Shields, but also manufactures just the clear face shield component without any strap or headband for other face shield manufacturing and assembly companies. With all of Printex Transparent Packaging’s experience printing on clear plastic for folding cartons, it’s an easy transition to print logos or advertising on the face shields as well.

Importance of Product Packaging in the Food Industry

Importance of Product Packaging in the Food Industry High-quality product packaging is important in every industry. However, it’s perhaps the most important in the food industry. Manufacturers must ensure that their food products are kept safe and free of contamination at all stages in their journey from manufacturing facility to retail shelf. The packaging must be equal parts durable and eye-catching, as it also must serve as in-store marketing for the product itself. This guide explores the importance of product packaging in the food industry as it pertains to both security and marketing.

Avoids contamination and damage

The importance of product packaging in the food industry often stems from safety and security. Food products must remain free of contamination and damage at all points in the retail process. Therefore, product packaging must be durable enough that the food items will not be damaged as they are shipped from the manufacturing facility to stores, and again as they are transported from the store to a consumer’s home. Clear product packaging, as with polypropylene cartons or plastic window boxes, is very beneficial in this respect, as it is quite durable and allows the consumer to properly view the item prior to purchase to ensure that it has not been damaged in any way. Durable packaging is also crucial as it helps protect against moisture and cross-contamination. If moisture or air penetrates the packaging, it can spoil the food item and make it unfit for sale. Avoiding cross-contamination is also crucial, particularly in products that contain nuts, dairy, or other common allergens.

Displays crucial information

Product packaging not only ensures the safety of the consumer by decreasing the potential for moisture and cross-contamination, but also by clearly displaying crucial health and safety information on the package. The CDC requires that all food products display a list of the ingredients used in their products, as well as the accompanying nutritional facts. Though some shoppers may disregard the list entirely, it is still a crucial element in the packaging of food products. This information is especially important for consumers with dietary restrictions, allergies, or other health concerns. In addition to this information, food products must also clearly display an expiration date on their packaging. The addition of this crucial information ensures that all shoppers know exactly what they are getting before purchase.

Promotes in-store marketing

Product packaging plays a much larger role in marketing than many consumers realize. Food products with eye-catching packaging are much more likely to be purchased over competitors with a more generic design. The more unique a product’s packaging is, the more likely it will be noticed by consumers. When used in tandem with the concept of shelf appeal, expert product packaging can help increase the sale of food items significantly.

Advantages of Clear Product Packaging

Advantages of Clear Product Packaging

When it comes to designing products, a company must consider various factors, leaving no stone unturned in the process. Even factors that are seemingly inconsequential to consumers must be taken into account by the manufacturer. Product packaging is one such factor that often goes unnoticed by consumers, despite the fact that it can influence their purchasing behaviors in very significant ways. As such, product manufacturers spend ample time discovering which types of product packaging are most successful. Time and again, clear product packaging has proven to yield more successful sales. The results speak for themselves—below are just a few of the many advantages of clear product packaging.

Promotes product visualization

Product visualization is very important for consumers and is often a driving factor in a product’s final sale. Consumers like to envision how a product will impact their life. Seeing an image of the product is one thing, but actually seeing the product itself makes this visualization much more realistic. With clear product packaging, consumers can see the product’s size, shape, color, and intricate details. While some packaging may gloss over a product’s finer features, clear packaging allows the consumer to see all the little details for themselves. This provides a sense of realism to the visualization process, which increases the likelihood of purchase in the long run.

Guaranteed product safety

One of the most important advantages of clear product packaging for both consumers and manufacturers alike is the added level of security this form of packaging brings. Clear plastic packaging is extremely durable and can be trusted to protect a product during its journey from the manufacturing facility, to retail shelves, to a consumer’s home. In addition to being durable, clear plastic packaging can also be designed to incorporate additional safety measures. When used in the health and beauty industry, for instance, clear packaging is often outfitted with additional tamper-proof or tamper-evident closures. These features provide the consumer with peace of mind and ensure that their product has not been tampered with in any way.

Versatile design options

Retail shelves are flooded with an abundance of different products and catching the eye of consumers can sometimes be quite difficult. Manufacturers must design their product packaging in a way that grabs a customer’s attention immediately and holds it for the long haul. Clear product packaging is often the perfect way to do just that. Clear packaging materials offer a wider range of design options than many other packaging materials. Not only can they be shaped into various forms, including clear folding boxes and window boxes, but they can also be printed with different patterns, images, and colors. Clear plastic packaging can be customized using silkscreen, die-cutting, or embossing services. Each method offers a unique way to customize the product packaging and, because the images are printed on a transparent medium, the color and design will never appear obscured or discolored.

This Year’s Product Packaging Trends

This Year’s Product Packaging Trends The marketing industry is ever-changing and companies must constantly be aware of fluctuating consumer desires. In order to remain present in the eye of consumers, companies must regularly adapt their brand and their products to suit recent trends. This is sometimes easier said than done, as trends can often shift in the blink of an eye. However, while certain trends may come and go quite quickly, some have stood the test of time for several years and continue to impress consumers today. The following list of this year’s product packaging trends are some of the most popular on the market.

Recycled materials

Due to the increased importance of environmental consciousness in recent years, many companies have since shifted toward using more sustainable materials in their product packaging. This trend emerges in a variety of different fashions, from biodegradable packaging to materials made entirely from recycled goods. The technology used to create sustainable packaging is now so advanced that, in terms of appearance, items made from recycled goods are virtually identical to those that aren’t. Products are able to maintain their same great look without creating undo harm to the environment. In addition to utilizing materials made from recycled goods, many companies are now also ensuring that their product packaging can be recycled itself. For instance, there has been a recent shift toward PET plastic packaging because it is 100 percent recyclable, indicated by the resin identification code on the packaging itself. This small fact may seem insignificant to some, but as more and more consumers become aware of the effects their shopping habits can have on the environment at large, this trend will only continue to grow in importance.


Trust is a major factor in many consumers’ purchasing decisions. The consumer must feel that they can put their faith in the products and the company as a whole. As such, transparent product packaging has become increasingly popular. The influence of transparent product packaging is often quite subtle and works on a mainly subconscious level. The ability of consumers to view a product in its entirety prior to buying helps instill a bit more faith in the product itself. Transparent product packaging leaves little to the imagination and consumers are less likely to feel tricked by the company. Utilizing clear box packaging enables the company and the consumer to form a stronger bond with each other, one that’s built on trust and transparency. When a consumer feels they can trust a brand, they are more likely to put their faith in their products and become loyal customers.

Playful designs

Companies are always on the lookout for something new and exciting that will set them apart from the competition, and oftentimes color is the perfect addition. Color and whimsy have always been popular product packaging trends but have become even more so in recent years, thanks in part to advancements in graphic design technologies. New technologies allow companies to design their product packaging with stunning designs and vibrant colors, all without ever sacrificing efficiency and integrity. Methods such as embossing, die cutting, and silk-screen printing offer far more variation in design and can be completed much quicker than outdated technologies such as typeset printing.

Face Shield Splash Guard – New Disposable Protection!

Face Shield Splash Guard – New Disposable Protection!

Super Light… Don’t pull too tight!

Face Shield MDEL FDA Approved Printex Transparent Packaging has stepped up and refocused its manufacturing capacity to help produce essential emergency supplies during this COVID crisis. We are proud to be one of the businesses who can quickly manufacture and supply emergency face splash guards and other innovative solutions to support our North American response to COVID-19. Our disposable plastic face splash guards are made in North America at our plants in Montreal Canada and Long Island NY. We produce and sell a Face Shield Splash Guard that is disposable, has a simple adjustable size band, and is made of clear PET recyclable plastic. This protective face shield is made to be light weight and easy to wear. This protective face shield fits well over glasses and masks. Printex Transparent Packaging’s sneeze guard masks protects the mouth, nose and eyes from sprays and light droplets.

Manufacturing Frontline Medical Protection:

Printex Transparent Packaging remains open and operational with staff working from home and in our production facilities, and we are proud to contribute to the needs of the medical community protecting us. On Friday, 20th of March, Dr. Michael Warner, an ICU Physician at Toronto’s Michael Garron Hospital stated, “If we run out of personal protective equipment, we cannot treat people with COVID-19, full stop. That means we can’t even enter their rooms, let alone give them medication, give them meals, put breathing tubes in or provide them with any type of care”.

Ensuring business continuity:

Printex Transparent Packaging will prioritize the production of disposable plastic face splash guards and continue to manufacture domestic clear folding cartons in our Long Island NY and Montreal Canada facilities. Both plants can take on production from the other, in the event of a disruptive outbreak in either plant. Significant additional hygiene and cleaning process’ have been implemented at all locations. We also have multiple suppliers for our key raw materials. We are the largest supplier of clear folding boxes in North America and we intend to use our resources to supply the demand for Protective face shield splash guards. We applaud the medical professionals in the front line protecting us and are proud to do our part to support their response to COVID-19. In turbulent times like this – we’ll get through this together.

Available Immediately:

We can fill your orders immediately. Please contact us. Request a Quote