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Beginner’s Guide to PET Packaging

Beginner’s Guide to PET Packaging

Clear plastic packaging comes in many different shapes and sizes, each with its own unique set of advantages and uses. PET plastic is one such material that is highly versatile and popular in the manufacturing of product packaging. This beginner’s guide to PET packaging will examine the basics and benefits of PET plastic, as well as its most common uses across a variety of industries.

What is PET?

PET stands for polyethylene terephthalate and is a type of thermoplastic polymer resin categorized as part of the polyester family. In fact, PET plastic is the most common and versatile thermoplastic polymer resin material in this family, with applications across many industries. PET plastic is recognizable due to its glass-like transparency and lightweight yet highly durable structure. Unlike some other packaging materials, PET plastic is completely recyclable and is actually one of the most recycled plastics in the world. Product packaging made from PET plastic always has a clear label with a resin identification code, generally located at the bottom of the package. This EcoStar logo, represented by the number 1 surrounded by connecting arrows, indicates that you can safely recycle the packaging. It is available to transform into other product packaging in the future.

Uses of PET

PET sees many uses across a wide range of industries. One of the most common uses for PET plastic is in the packaging of retail products. PET packaging is a popular choice among many manufacturers because it’s lightweight, strong, and environmentally-friendly. There are no limits to the size or type of products that one can package using PET plastic. PET packaging utilizes easy to fold creases, so you can mold it into virtually any shape to accommodate the dimensions of the product within. Beauty products commonly utilize PET packaging since many beauty products rely heavily on design and color to entice consumers. Utilizing clear PET packaging allows the consumer an unobstructed view of the products within, thereby increasing their trust in the product and the company.

At Printex Transparent Packaging, we offer a wide range of PET packaging options for clear plastic folding boxes and acetate product packaging. You can customize all our offerings to fit your company’s individual specifications. Contact our team to learn more about how PET packaging can help protect and display your products.

Impact of Circular Packaging & Recycling on Sustainability

Impact of Circular Packaging & Recycling on Sustainability
1. Sustainable Packaging in a Circular Economy – 

Sustainable packaging is also known as “green packaging”. Sustainability focuses on meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. We need packaging, so we try to make it green packaging. The concept of sustainability is composed of three concepts. Economic, environmental and social—otherwise known as profits, planet, and people. When sustainable efforts are combined with a circular economy, the benefits grow exponentially.

2. Circular Economy Packaging and Recycling – 

The circular economy is an economic system aimed at eliminating waste and the continual use of resources. Sustainable packaging in a circular economy helps to guarantee that materials are included in a ‘closed-loop’ system, preventing harmful packaging materials from being used once and discarded. Closed circular systems include the Reuse, Sharing, Repair, Refurbishment, Remanufacturing and Recycling of items to minimize the creation of waste, pollution and carbon emissions. This is the economic/profit portion of sustainability.

3. Ocean Bound Waste – 

Ocean Bound Waste is waste, including plastic waste, that has not yet found its way into the ocean and is classified as “mismanaged waste”. That is, waste / plastic waste that is not being collected and not likely to be collected and is found on the ground within 50km of a waterway or coastal area. This is the environmental/planet portion of sustainability.

Proposed Solution:

Create an integrated collection system that turns mismanaged ocean-bound plastic into managed waste.

4. Circular Recycling – 

Recycling can be broken down into two areas. Recycling is the result of both a management system and the human factor. Recycling is the social aspect of sustainability. Recycling depends on the organized “management systems” in place in society such as blue box pick up and recycling programs in communities. Recycling is also dependent on “the human factor”. We are only effective if people utilize a program. People must actively sort and recycle their waste. This is the social / people portion of sustainability.

5. Clean up Campaigns – 

Picking up litter, such as Britain’s nation-wide Great Plastic Pick UP during May 2018 is another social /people aspect of sustainability. Although many agree that public cleanups do not address the root causes of ocean-bound waste, short-term campaigns do make a difference and lead to recycling and restoration of natural habitats. Re-use of social plastic such as R-PET used by Printex Transparent Packaging in products will help close the loop in the circular economy.

Signs You Need A Packaging Redesign

Signs You Need A Packaging Redesign

Signs You Need A Packaging Redesign

Product packaging is one of the first things consumers notice about an item. Eye-catching product packaging, therefore, is an absolute must. While consistent product packaging is important for maintaining continuity and brand identity, a bit of change now and then could do your business good. Below are a few signs you need a packaging redesign and the positive impact it can have on the success of your products.

Competitors have changed

Competition is a major driving force for almost all business decisions. Staying abreast of the changes your competitors are making is the best way to ensure your company stays on the cutting edge. Therefore, if you to notice your competitors have undergone a recent packaging redesign, it may be in your best interest to follow suit. Keeping track of your competitors’ changes will help you differentiate your company and products from other similar items. As you redesign your packaging, try to choose design elements that will set you apart from the competition and make your product stand out on retail shelves.

Trends have shifted

Design trends can come and go quite quickly, particularly when it comes to product packaging and graphics. Just take a look at the difference in logos and packaging from the 1960s to the present day. As such, make sure your packaging is up to date with the latest design trends to keep your products relevant in the eye of consumers. While retro packaging can be a fun change of pace every once in a while, choosing a style that’s more in line with current trends will provide a bit more longevity. It will also reduce the number of packaging redesigns your product will need to undergo in the future.

Sales are slow

A drop in sales is one of the most easily recognizable signs you need a packaging redesign. If all other aspects of your marketing strategy are performing well, but sales are still low, you may need to consider giving your product packaging a makeover. Updating your product packaging, even slightly, will draw consumers’ eyes once again and reintroduce them to the same products they already know and love. With a renewed interest in the product (thanks to an appealing packaging redesign), you’ll start to see sales increase in no time.

Costs have increased

If the cost of your current product packaging has recently surged, it may be time to redesign the packing in a more budget-friendly manner. Adjusting packaging design to utilize less material will help cut costs, as will switching to less expensive packaging material. Maintaining current packaging size and style and switching only the material used will cut down manufacturing costs while retaining your packaging’s unique design. Printex Transparent Packaging offers Window Pick and Place or printing and textured effects on PET packaging.  Depending on your structural design, either of these can help reduce costs while increasing shelf awareness.

Printex Transparent Packaging is here to help you in all aspects of your next product redesign. We offer a wide selection of PVC and PET boxes, as well as small clear acetate boxes to fit all your design needs.

Reasons to Use Polypropylene for Packaging

Product packaging should be designed in such a way that it highlights and maintains a product’s integrity. Choosing the right packaging materials to achieve this feat, therefore, requires significant consideration and planning. When choosing the best material to protect your products, first consult the following reasons to use polypropylene for packaging.


Polypropylene is incredibly light. Polypropylene has a relatively low density, particularly when compared to some other packaging materials, so it can yield considerable cost savings for manufacturers. The cost of manufacturing and shipping heavy packaging materials can quickly add up, but by using a lighter packaging material such as polypropylene, manufacturers can significantly reduce shipping costs.


One of the most popular reasons to use polypropylene for packaging is that it’s extremely malleable and flexible. Many plastics may crack or break when bent or put under pressure, but polypropylene will not. In fact, polypropylene is so flexible that it’s often used to create living hinges. A living hinge is a very thin, flexible hinge created from one continuous piece of polypropylene. This living hinge can be bent repeatedly in the same manner many times without cracking or breaking. At Printex Transparent Packaging, we utilize these living hinges in our polypropylene cartons to create easy-to-fold creases that allow for quick and simple manual or automated assembly.


Polypropylene is one of the most popular materials for product packaging due to its extreme durability. Polypropylene doesn’t react to many acids or conduct electricity well, and it’s highly resistant to corrosion. For these reasons, polypropylene can be used to package many products without fear that the product itself will become compromised. Additionally, polypropylene has a high tensile strength and is highly impermeable. The extreme durability of this material makes it a popular choice for product packaging, as manufacturers will have no doubts that the packaging will sufficiently protect the product inside.

Polypropylene Customization


Like many other plastics, polypropylene offers a highly customizable material manufactures can utilize in various product packaging styles. Polypropylene can be produced in a variety of solid colors or transparent tints to best suit the design of the product and overall image of the company. Design capabilities such as off-set printing, foil stamping, silkscreen printing, or embossing can further customize polypropylene packaging. Polypropylene is also ideal for creating a frosted or semi-opaque effect.

Characteristics of PVC Plastic Packaging

Characteristics of PVC Plastic Packaging

When it comes to choosing the right packaging for your products, you must consider many factors. Your product’s packaging should be eye-catching, high quality, durable, and dependable. We also always have to weigh the finical costs and benefits, as well as the impact to our environment. Clear PVC packaging can fit the need in some cases, whereas in many cases clear PET packaging is preferred.


Like many plastic packaging materials, PVC plastic packaging is extremely durable. Unlike some other plastics, however, PVC plastic packaging has a higher impact tolerance and is highly reliable regarding barrier protection. When product visibility is desired (studies show it attracts more attention) PVC clear packaging may be preferred over PET if the product will be stored in a fridge or on ice. This is because PVC will maintain greater flexibility, and it’s less brittle than a PET packaging.

Secure Packaging

PVC packaging is often used for situations in which the brand owner or retailer want to weld the package closed. This could be in the form of a clear PVC box, or more commonly, PVC clamshells. Two panels of the package can be welded together using radio frequency so that the consumer or potential shoplifter needs to cut the package open to access the package.


PVC plastic packaging is a number 3 on the recycle symbol scale. This means it’s recyclable where the proper facilities exist. PVC plastic is used largely in construction, pipes for example, credit cards, furniture, as well as medical devices and containers. A small amount of PVC is recycled into products such as mats, speed bumps, and flooring, but it’s a small percent compared to the amount of PET packaging that is recycled. In fact, Printex Transparent Packaging makes clear folding cartons from post-consumer recycled PET such as water bottles.

Versatile Packaging Material

PVC is very versatile and customizable for packaging. Not only can PVC plastic be used to create clear clamshells and plastic boxes in various shapes and sizes, but you can also include eye-catching colors and designs printed directly on the PVC package. Some brands will use PVC for their folding box or clear lid instead of PET because PVC can be debossed during the die cutting stage to create a very nice, but subtle, 3-D logo or image on the package.

These are some of the considerations when choosing your clear packaging materials.

Holiday Product Packaging Ideas

Holiday Product Packaging Ideas

The Importance of Product Packaging

The holiday season is fast approaching, which means it’s time to start unveiling your company’s seasonal products and packaging. Winter is the busiest shopping season of the year, with gift-giving holidays around every corner. Give your products a seasonal makeover this year with these unique and festive holiday product packaging ideas.

Build a promo pack

Finding a present for everyone on your list can be tricky and many shoppers are on the lookout for quick and easy gifts. Building a promo pack is a great way to appeal to these shoppers, as they can tick several things off their list at once with minimal time and effort. When building a holiday promo pack, try to package together similar items or products that people frequently buy together. This will help the consumer feel they’re receiving a bargain and your company sell more of their seasonal products. You may also consider building an exclusive holiday-themed promo pack containing multiple seasonal products to further help consumers get into the holiday spirit.

Mimic gift wrapping

The holiday season can be quite hectic. Not only do consumers need to purchase gifts, but they need to wrap and deliver them, as well. Decorate your product packaging to mimic holiday gift wrapping to help shoppers save time and give your products a more festive flair. When the product comes in decorated boxes, bags, or bows, the consumer doesn’t need to worry about wrapping the gift themselves. This holiday product packaging idea is quite alluring to shoppers who are tight on time and looking to simplify their holiday preparations.

Showcase the product

When it comes to holiday shopping, many consumers know better than to judge a book by its cover. Therefore, designing your product packaging in a way that highlights the product can help differentiate your product from the competition. Further, display your product in a clear folding box or incorporate a clear plastic window into the packaging design. This will give consumers a sneak peek at the product that lies within. As such, it will help manage consumer expectations and increase overall faith and trust in the product, thereby increasing the likelihood of purchase.

Incorporate holiday colors and themes

There’s no shortage of symbols during the holiday season. Incorporating such symbols into your product packaging will differentiate your product from others on the market during the rest of the year. Infuse holiday colors such as red, green, gold, and white into your design for a more subtle holiday flair. You can use other holiday symbols, such as Christmas trees, snowflakes, and stars, in holiday-themed packaging as well. These symbols can be a bit overwhelming, however, and you should use them tastefully and sparingly.

The Evolution and History of Product Packaging

The Evolution and History of Product Packaging

The wants and needs of consumers constantly change. As new and innovative products evolve, so do the methods used to package these products. Throughout the course of human history, there have been many ways to package products, and each was an innovation in its own time. Throughout the evolution and history of product packaging, one thing remains unchanged: the focus on the consumer.

Early product packaging

Before the mass production of products, product packaging consisted mainly of natural and hand-made items intended for long-term use. Clay and ceramic pots, for instance, were quite popular due to their durability. However, these materials were quite heavy, and improved, lighter packaging materials came to the market. Throughout the 1800s and 1900s, tinplate became increasingly popular in packaging small or perishable products, such as tobacco and food. Canned goods were used to supply soldiers with food during times of war and quickly expanded to reach a wider range of consumers.

Present day product packaging

The history of product packaging continues to evolve. As consumers become more concerned with product safety, the packaging for these products also has had to adapt. Products are now packaged with seals and locks to ensure the product has not been tampered with. To further improve food safety, many products now utilize clear box packaging. This packaging allows the consumer to properly view the product prior to purchase, so they can ensure it has not been tampered with and will function properly once it’s out of the packaging. Clear plastic packaging not only improves food safety, but modern plastic is also more durable than paper, so it also protects a product’s integrity. Plastic packaging, along with developments in other forms of packaging, allows for improved packaging performance, functionality, and durability.

Clear plastic boxes also help build trust in the brand and product, as customers can clearly see the product prior to purchase. In this respect, clear plastic packaging serves to both protect the product and provide a fantastic form of marketing. Rather than judging products based solely upon the appeal and design of the package, consumers can instead make purchases based on the product’s actual quality. With clear plastic boxes and packaging, consumers know exactly what they’ll get before they make a purchase, which can lead to an overall increase in customer satisfaction. Increased customer satisfaction, in turn, leads to higher sales and improved customer brand loyalty.

How Packaging Affects Consumer Behavior

How Packaging Affects Consumer Behavior


There are many elements to consider when you prepare a product for market. One of the most important considerations a brand must make is how packaging affects consumer behavior. Product packaging can have a significant impact on a consumer’s purchasing tendencies, whether they’re aware of it or not.

Encourages subconscious associations

First impressions are important, particularly when it comes to product packaging. Whether consciously or not, a product’s packaging can have a significant impact on the consumer’s emotional associations with the product. Both color and quality are important when it comes to first impressions. Color, for instance, can draw a consumer to a particular product. Bright colors, such as yellow and red, are immediate attention grabbers. According to color psychology, certain colors can also evoke specific emotions, and they can help solidify your brand identity.


Visibility is equally important when it comes to first impressions. High-quality clear plastic packaging, for instance, can significantly increase a product’s appeal on the shelf, as it allows for higher product visibility. When clear boxes are decorated with delightful designs, these clear boxes are seen by the consumer as not only practical, but also attractive. Fixation counts, according to a recent Clemson University study, plastic packages are 675 percent more likely to grab a shopper’s eyes than paperboard containers. The sleek design of clear packages and boxes fosters consumer associations with elegance and prestige, which helps the product stand out among crowded retail shelves. High-quality clear plastic boxes and packages also allow the consumer to properly view the high-quality product within. The ability to properly see the product enables the consumer to put more faith in the brand and makes them trust that the product will perform exactly as intended.

Promotes brand loyalty

When you consider how packaging affects consumer behavior, it’s important to understand how it impacts brand loyalty. The packaging for your product should complement your company’s image, and the consumer should immediately recognize it. Frequent changes to your product’s packaging may confuse consumers or cause them to stray away from your brand. If you maintain consistent packaging, you can cultivate more loyal consumers. This doesn’t mean you should never change your product packaging. Instead, when you do change the packaging of a product, be sure it remains true to the brand’s style and image; you want both longtime and new customers to easily recognize a product as yours.

Builds anticipation

The anticipation of opening a newly purchased product is similar to the feeling people get when they open presents. Exceptional product packaging is a great way to build consumer anticipation and excitement for a product, and it can even help increase sales. While the mystery you get with a present is fun, consumers often prefer to know what they’ll get before they make a purchase. Clear plastic box packaging is a great way for consumers to view the product prior to purchasing and still create anticipation. When a consumer can properly view the product, they can better envision using the product in their everyday life. If a consumer can see themselves using a product, the excitement that comes with opening a package will be with them from the moment they purchase it.

How to get shelf attention with ship flat packaging!

Shelf attention wins gold! How to get shelf attention with PET clear plastic ship flat packaging! To ship and store more efficiently, Printex Transparent Packaging manufactures your PET sustainable plastic sleeve as a flat, semi rigid, plastic sleeve. Printex Transparent Packaging is proud to announce winning the NJPEC Promotional Gold Award for the Kids@Work Building Blocks Block Bin! This is our second collaborative award winning clear package in the highly competitive toy industry.

7 Advantages of the Printex Transparent Snap Cap

1. Printex Transparent Snap Cap:

How to get shelf attention with ship flat packaging! Printex Transparent Packaging makes it possible for Kids@Work to store and showcase Children’s Building Block Sets in a unique and practical way! We utilize our customized “Snap Cap” feature and interlocking PET sleeve. We have taken clear sleeve packaging to the next level of packaging design! The is the second year in a row our Ship Flat packaging design with a Printex Transparent Snap Cap has won an award.  Last year we were awarded NJPEC Silver Package of the Year Award, and this year it is Gold!

2. Ship Flat Packaging:

How to get shelf attention with ship flat packaging? To ship and store more efficiently, Printex Transparent Packaging manufactures your PET sleeve as a flat, semi rigid, plastic sleeve. The sleeve sets up into a large cube shaped container. The result is a container that mimics the actual building block. Our convenient clear sleeve packaging ships flat, saves space and saves dollars in shipping.

3. Fun & Functional:

This package design is the shape of the actual toy block.  This block shape reinforces the branding of the product. The custom shaped package is fun, provides efficient storage and is a decorative addition to a child’s room or playroom. This unique packaging design is the answer to how to get shelf attention with ship flat packaging!

4. Easy & Efficient:

We designed the Printex Snap Cap to assemble quickly and efficiently. It is easy to lock and assemble the Kids@Work injection molded top onto the bottom components. The top and bottom edges of the PET sleeve snap into place with our specially engineered die cut locking feature. This quick and positive locking feature allows for the re-closable top cap to attach to the sleeve body. The snap cap does not require any expensive sealing/affixing procedure such as screws, tape, glue and or welding etc. As a result, this design saves many dollars in assembly labor cost and helps the customer meet a growing market demand.

5. Cost Efficient Shipping:

The special ship flat design allows for a more efficient way to transport a larger volume of cube shaped containers to the assembly destination. Clear packaging is cost efficient! The advantages in plastic PET packaging are clear, this is how to get shelf attention with ship flat packaging!

6. Display Flexibility:

Not only does the flat clear sleeve package turn into a  block. but the block then has the ability to stack one unit on top of another.  The blocks fit together because we designed the top cap to nest inside of the bottom. This gives the retailers a lot of flexibility on how they can display the action block sets. You can display the blocks individually or even as multi-tower displays. This is how to get shelf attention with ship flat packaging!

7. Shelf Presence:

How to get shelf attention with ship flat packaging? Shelf presence is the most important advantage of the Printex Snap Cap. For example, the block shaped clear plastic package reflects what is inside. Also, the clear PET recyclable material also allows for the vibrant colored blocks to shine through. In addition, the Kids@Work brand logo stands out on the pre-printed the sleeve. So consequently, this a smart cost effective design, but also one with a large shelf appeal. This shelf appeal will generate many impulse buys and create impact on the shelf. In conclusion, the new block shaped package has already been well received by retailers and is another award winning clear package in the highly competitive toy industry.


Holiday Retail Packaging

Clear PET Custom Promotional Gift Package with Hot Foil Stamped Graphics

Holiday Retail Packaging

1.  Adding holiday themes to your retail packaging will help your brand stay relevant!

Starbuck’s seasonal lattes and coffee varieties have achieved monumental popularity! Forbes estimates $100 million in revenue from just one flavor – pumpkin spiced latte. These brands such as Starbuck’s Via Instant are now in the store aisles. See what Printex Transparent Packaging can do for your promotional clear folding cartons. Check out our mock up of the special limited-edition Christmas Via Instant Peppermint Mocha Package. We made this from clear recycled PET, made from water bottles, and printed in full color with silver foil stamped snowflakes. It is a beautiful, cute Christmas package! According to a Clemson University Study, transparent packaging is 675% more likely to grab a shopper’s eyes compared to paper cardboard packaging

2.  Seasonal transparent packaging creates interest from your regular packaging!

The paper part of the package is covered in a glitter ink while the other part of the package is clear acetate to showcase the gift inside.

As retailers you offer a program seasonally because that’s when the influx of spending is. Limited edition transparent packaging re-engages your current customer base and creates exclusivity. Seasonal packaging creates interest from your regular packaging. Printex Transparent Packaging has packaging design teams to help you create beautiful Christmas or Specialty Seasonal Packaging. Take full advantage of the effects that can be created when printing on the clear PET using a combination of vibrant opaque colors, vignettes fading from translucent to clear, sparkling foil stamping or even a fragrance on the clear folding box package! We’ve also done seasonal gift style packaging combining paper and plastic to make a hybrid box. The paper part of the package is covered in a glitter ink while the other part of the package is clear acetate to showcase the gift inside.

Clear PET Custom Promotional Gift Package with Hot Foil Stamped Graphics

3.  Capitalize on the increased selling power of product visibility with clear plastic PET Packaging!

Capitalize on the increased selling power and brand attention that seasonal packaging provides and add the advantage of product visibility with transparent plastic PET packaging. Clear PET Custom Promotional Gift Package with Hot Foil Stamped Graphics.

Get noticed with custom designed transparent packaging in shapes such as this star. Gone are the days of a plain acetate box. PET can be designed to make more upscale feature packaging.

The holiday season sees an expected increase in impulse purchases, with all the gift shopping underway. Consumers will opt for the festive, as it is the season after all. Keeping up with the rest of the market ensures you don’t lose the competitive edge. Reinforce your brand identity with highly creative seasonal packaging.  Excite the senses and create a lasting shopping experience by displaying eye-catching visuals, staying consistent across all channels and by portraying a human element, whether it be through a touch of humor or quirkiness. This is increasingly important, as shoppers, notably millennials seek brands with like-minded personalities.


Plastic packaging with touch-and-sniff scents embedded into the design

4.  Scented packaging increases the likelihood of purchase!

Send the magic of Christmas with printed stationary you can smell the pine scent with scratch and sniff! Let shoppers sample your product without opening the package with scented packaging. Our team can create plastic packaging with touch-and-sniff scents embedded into the design. We create scents using essential oils. The scents are stored inside micro-beads which we mix into a varnish and then apply to the packaging. Your customers simply rub the scented surface, breaking the micro-beads to release the fragrance embedded there. Shoppers can truly experience your product, increasing the likelihood of purchase. The advantage fragrance gives to your product is invaluable. Ask about scented packaging today.

5.  Tip:  81% of consumers will choose the product that they can both see and smell over one they can only see.

The benefits of scented packaging have been recognized even by the New York Times. A study conducted by their marketing department discovered that when given a choice between two similar food or beverage products, 81% of consumers would choose the product that they could both see and smell over one they could only see. Did you know that 75% of the emotions we feel every day are affected by smell? Knowing that, it seems logical to invest in transparent packaging that incorporates scents. PRINTEX TRANSPARENT PACKAGING can show you how.