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Printex Opens Up Another Window

For over 35 years, Printex Packaging Corp. has been a leading manufacturer of plastic folding cartons. We have built a solid reputation with our superior quality and service, which our customers have come to rely on. As an industry leader, Printex continues to innovate and expand on the visual packaging solutions we offer to now include paperboard cartons and displays with panoramic plastic windows. With the advent of our custom made pick and place machine, we have the flexibility to create a multitude of visual hybrid designs for clients across the myriad of industries the company serves. Recently, Printex has begun expanding their product offering to include the Fancy Food, Candy & Sweets and Food and Beverage industries. Printexs’ clear plastic and windowed paperboard packaging can be ideal for many products within these markets.  Companies who traditionally had to hide their product within a paper carton are now able to have their food products front and center for consumers to see.  The Printex clear plastic or windowed carton can be placed on shelf or in the frozen food section of a grocery store.  Our panoramic windowed carton has helped companies such as Talenti Gelato differentiate their product and separate them from the competition and Printex from the rest of the packaging industry.

Printex Wins NJPEC Bronze Award for Simply Slick Package

Printex Packaging was awarded the bronze award New Jersey Package Executives Club (NJPEC) 2013 Package of the Year ceremony for the design of Simply Slick’s latest package. This marks the second time in three years that the company has been recognized by the organization for innovative and eye catching packages. It’s made with Printexs’ snap cap technology, which allows for custom design to capture product and unlimited shapes.

Printex Launches New Website and Joins the Social Media World

10Printex Packaging strengthens its web presence. As an industry leader, Printex Packaging understands the ever increasing necessity of having a strong web presence. That’s why we are proud to announce the launch of our new website and social media sites. As with our packaging techniques, our website encapsulates our ever innovative way of thinking. Simple navigation, crisp photography, and informative yet straightforward informational pages highlight our brand new site. We’ve also created a social media identity for ourselves, with new pages on Facebook, Twitter,and Youtube. These new pages give our customers unprecedented access to Printex news and product information.